Mountain Sole Knit Slip On Sneaker

The Mountain Sole Knit Slip on Sneaker

Articles The mountain sole knit slip on sneaker is the ideal shoe for casual summer occasions. With its cow-patterned pony hair and technical fabric upper that matches perfectly with its tread-embellished ultralight rubber sole. A single-layered stretchy mesh pocket stores any extra length of lacing, and toe has protective ‘gnar-guards’ sewn in place. Although stiff when new, their sole quickly softens over time as your foot gets used to them and molds itself to your foot shape as you wear them – durable yet long-lived! Hand stitched with their sole being resoled multiple times at cobbler shops as they’re durable long lasting!

These comfortable women’s sneaks will quickly become your go-to pair of footwear! Their wide fit makes them suitable for those with either high or low arches, and their flexible lightweight white sole is lightweight yet flexible enough to move with your feet for an enjoyable running experience along Lake Michigan or nearby areas like Navy Pier while providing you with an effective workout. Wear these all day long to keep your feet happy!

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