Mother And Daughter Spanking

A Mother and Daughter’s Guide to Spanking

Spanking is a form of corporal punishment used as an effective form of discipline. It involves striking a child’s buttocks with either a firm hand, but can also be done using implements like sticks or hairbrushes.

Some parents believe this type of discipline will teach their children that being naughty isn’t allowed and they need to behave accordingly. Unfortunately, research has demonstrated that this approach to discipline has proven ineffective and may actually damage both the parent-child relationship as well as cause physical harm.

It is essential to remember that not all children will respond favorably to physical punishment, so it’s essential to get to know the child’s personality before beginning spanking them. This will enable you to determine which type of punishment works best for them and avoid physical pain or injury for the kid.

A great first step is to sit down with the child and explain why spanking is necessary, as well as what they should expect from it. Make sure they understand that you will be firm yet loving in disciplining them, so they don’t feel threatened by this decision.

Next, discuss the more erotic aspects of punishment with her and get her on board with the idea that it can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for both of you. Ask what she would like to see happen and then experiment with different techniques and positions before selecting one that works best in your relationship.

Once you are ready to begin a session, lay her on a soft bed or couch and begin by placing your hand over her knee with her bottom bared. This position can provide her with an intensely rewarding experience as the two of you share this intimate pleasure together.

Once she feels secure, you can move onto other parts of her body with the spanking technique. Her arms and legs are particularly suitable for this as it is more intimate and will have a greater effect than using it on her bare bottom.

Once her breasts and neck have been addressed, you can proceed to her head, chest and stomach areas without placing any pressure on tender areas.

A helpful tip is to ensure she does not attempt to move out of your hands’ reach, and if this does occur, don’t let her do so with any force or power as this could only lead to further injury.

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