Morongo Basin Latest Crime News

Morongo Basin Latest Crime News

Morongo Basin Sheriff’s Station has become the first sheriff’s station nationwide to enter into a video-sharing partnership with doorbell camera company Ring, making them available to homeowners allowing them to share real-time footage from their front doors with police if desired. This arrangement gives homeowners with Ring cameras access to share real-time footage from their doorstep with local law enforcement if desired.

The Sheriff’s Station’s new agreement is part of an ongoing effort to modernize police services in Morongo Basin and strengthen ties between residents and law enforcement officers. Furthermore, this step reduces calls for service that are sometimes unnecessary or not related to criminal activities and delay police response on other issues.

As well as sharing video footage of its camera with residents, the sheriff’s station is exploring other uses for the device in the community. For example, it could help track packages at the post office and notify residents when one arrives; additionally it allows residents to see who is at their front door before answering it and help make residents feel safer in their neighborhood.

Another potential use for the camera is monitoring for unauthorised drones flying over private property in the area. According to the sheriff’s department, there have been multiple reports of drones being flown over private properties and causing problems for neighboring properties; one resident reported drones used as aerial spying tools against his backyard from above. To respond appropriately, sheriff’s officials are working closely with drone companies and monitoring any violations which arise – together they identify any violators and coordinate a response plan against potential violators.

Jeremie Russell Cox, formerly with San Bernardino County sheriff’s department and assigned to patrol Morongo Basin for desert district operations at Morongo Basin has replaced Byron Rodriguez who was arrested Sept 17 on charges related to sexual abuse of a minor while using his position as sheriff’s deputy to engage in such misconduct.

Impact: Devastating winds could bring down trees and power lines, so please stay safe out there!

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