Monte Markham Net Worth

Monte Markham, an American producer/director, boasts an impressive list of credits. His work has brought him from the Amazon to the Arctic and back, documenting all types of commercial and military machines that float, fly, race or dive.

He has appeared as a guest star on numerous TV series including Mission: Impossible, Hawaii Five-O, Melrose Place, The A-Team and Murder She Wrote. Through smart investments and philanthropy work, Monte Markham has managed to increase his net worth substantially.

Early Life and Education

Monte Markham was born June 21, 1935 in Manatee County, Florida and graduated with degrees from UGA (’57 BFA and ’60 MFA). He made his Broadway debut with Irene in 1973 before also appearing onstage for Same Time Next Year.

He has appeared in many TV series and movies, such as The New Perry Mason and Dallas. Additionally, he has narrated over one hundred documentary television programs and appeared on camera multiple times as himself in various roles.

His production work has taken him all over the globe, filming on virtually everything that flies, sails, races or swims. He was the first Westerner ever to travel 2,000 miles up the Yangtze with an all Chinese crew for China’s Great Dam and film in Beijing Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City – also with Perpetual Motion Films alongside wife Klaire and son Jason producing broadcast specials – most recently a four hour documentary on Royal Navy life.

Professional Career

Actors typically receive residuals from past projects that rerun and syndicate, further increasing their earnings. Monte Markham is an accomplished actor who has appeared in films and television shows. Additionally, he maintains an active directing and producing career.

Director and producer roles have also opened up new sources of income; for example, he narrated several documentaries.

Perpetual Motion Films has also established their own production company with his wife Klaire and son Jason; over 100 hours of broadcast programming has been created at Perpetual Motion Films; including 35 episodes for History Channel’s Great Ships series as well as 10 premiere episodes in A&E Biography featuring Michelangelo; these projects have brought him around the globe.

Achievement and Honors

Monte Markham has built up an impressive career and financial portfolio over time. His acting roles have provided a steady income that has contributed to increasing his net worth, while his work as director and producer have opened up new revenue sources.

History Channel. He has narrated numerous documentaries including The Great Ships and Air Combat; these projects have taken him around the globe including China, Japan, India, Europe and Africa.

Actors typically earn residuals and royalties from reruns, syndication, and sales of their past work; this can add significantly to their total earnings. Furthermore, Monte has made smart investments which have further expanded his wealth.

Personal Life

Monte is an alum of the University of Georgia who has made appearances in over 38 films and 11 stage performances since graduating, winning him the Theatre World Award for his Broadway debut role as Irene alongside Debbie Reynolds.

He is also an accomplished producer and director, with experience ranging from carrier landings and launches, ground zero at the World Trade Center, 30 below Greenland Icepack temperatures, cultural awareness campaigns in China, Japan, UK Europe Russia Brazil India Africa.

Monte Hester is married to Klaire Keevil Hester and they share one child, Jason. The family reside in Palm Beach County, Florida and Monte is a life member of both Actor’s Equity Association and AFTRA.

Net Worth

Monte Markham’s career spans feature films, television series and Broadway. Since its inception, he has flourished as an actor, producer, director, writer and narrator – producing, directing and narrating over 150 hours of documentary films for network television – including 35 hours for The History Channel’s Great Ships series; 10 epic biographies which were launched as Amazon best selling Biography series (Michelangelo was one of them); 10 epic biographies which premiered this series; all 10 have become best sellers; Michelangelo remains amongst them all!

Monte Markham, born 21 June 1935 in Manatee, Florida is married to Klaire Keevil Hester and has two children together: Keevil Lee and Jason. Born a Gemini on 21 June 1935 he is now 88 years old, famous for starring as Perry Mason on CBS and Melrose Place/FOX television shows and serving as lead character on The New Perry Mason and Dallas/CBS shows respectively.

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