Monkey Mat Company Value

The Monkey Mat Company Value

The Monkey Mat was invented by longtime friends, entrepreneurs and business partners Courtney Turich and Christie Barany after experiencing a six hour layover at an airport with their young children, during which they struggled to find clean surfaces to play on. That’s when they hit upon the idea for creating The Monkey Mat!

They sought to design a clean surface that could be folded and stored in an easily transportable pouch. Their 5 foot square mat was perfect for picnics, exercise sessions or playtime for babies and young kids; it was water and sand repellent, machine washable with weighted corners to secure it to the ground, plus loops for attaching accessories like keys, toys or leashes for pets.

In 2014, when they approached the Sharks with their Monkey Mat idea, they requested $100,000 in exchange for 30 percent equity in their company. Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner eventually invested in Monkey Mat’s venture.

Five years later, Monkey Mat company has achieved $5.7 million in retail sales and continues to expand. It can now be found in 51 physical stores as well as three international locations – making it a must-have item for families everywhere!

This product is user-friendly, easy to clean, and can be stored in a backpack or day pack. It’s perfect for concerts, picnics, at the beach, sports activities – even travel and camping!

It features a water repellent and durable ripstop nylon fabric that prevents the mat from getting dirty or soiled. Furthermore, it’s lightweight and easy to carry around; suitable for both adults and children alike, with an array of colors to choose from.

These portable mats are great for picnics, beaches, camping, travel and sports – and can easily be stored away in a diaper bag or backpack to be taken along on your adventures. Not only does this make them ideal for anyone needing a portable mat but mothers with young children will especially find these useful.

Their product has gained widespread media recognition and is often mentioned by parents traveling with their kids. It also enjoys great popularity among festival goers and campers due to its lightweight nature and breathability.

In addition to their original Monkey Mat, they also sell Mini and Mega Monkey Mats that weigh 6-11 ounces depending on size. Prices for these mats range anywhere from $20-$40.

Monkey Mats were initially targeted towards moms and kids, but have since expanded their product line so they can now be enjoyed by adults as well as pet owners. Furthermore, there’s now a quilted version available which promises even greater comfort than before.

Their mats have been named one of Time Magazine’s 50 greatest inventions of 2018. As an alternative to blankets and plastic sheets that flap in the wind, their mats provide protection from the elements.

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