Monica Shah Family Karma

Monica Shah and Family Karma Season 2

Bravo’s Family Karma has returned for another season and promises to be even more compelling than before. This reality show follows a group of Miami residents as they navigate their way through life’s ups and downs together; additionally, relationships and love play an integral role in its plotlines.

Family Karma would not be Family Karma without drama, and the first trailer for Season 8 provides us with some glimpses. Veteran Family Karma characters Anisha Ramakrishna, Amrit Kapai, Monica Vaswani and Bali Chainani return along with Rish Karam and Dillon Patel who make their debut this season – we can anticipate an emotional journey featuring much laughter as well as tears!

Monica Vaswani has found love again following being friend-zoned by Brian Benni in Season 1. Rish Karam, owner of a Florida restaurant and perfect match for her, seems very drawn to Monica, with whom they appear very affectionate towards each other – though neither have publicly posted photos together online yet! However, both can often be found hanging out together.

Monica Shah is more than just an accomplished doctor and model; she works as a rheumatologist and has also achieved success in fashion through modeling for Tommy Hilfiger and appearing on shows such as X Factor. Furthermore, Monica is an award-winning beauty pageant competitor; having won Miss India Florida crown and made it to top ten at Miss India USA competitions.

Monica is well known in both medicine and modeling circles for being extremely generous with her time. In particular, she’s done significant philanthropic work through Heels To Heal – an organization dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence – as well as posting fitness videos on YouTube and being featured in multiple magazines.

According to her Instagram account, Monica is currently living in Tampa, Florida as a mother-of-one and loves spending time with her son as well as taking part in outdoor activities like skating or skating with him. She is an animal enthusiast and greatly enjoys animal-sitting.

Monica was candid when discussing her relationship with Rish. She shared with Distractify that they are still early in their relationship but very serious, dating for over a year and showing great affection towards each other. We can’t wait to watch how their romance plays out on Family Karma in Season 6, we will keep our readers up-to-date! We promise!

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