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7 Ways to Keep the Relationship Between Mom and Daughter Healthy and Strong

Mom-daughter relationships are truly special; the bond that unites them often remains strong over time. There are, however, steps you can take to keep this precious relationship strong and vibrant.

1. Your daughters need you to remain involved in their lives and demonstrate that they are important.

Girls appreciate having parents who care deeply for them and support their development into healthy women. So make it a point to be as engaged in your daughter’s life as possible and help her reach her fullest potential.

2. Your daughters must know that you love and support them no matter what life throws their way.

When fathers provide full support for their daughters, they tend to develop high self-esteem and an optimistic self-image. Furthermore, these daughters usually show greater levels of confidence that can improve both academic performance and other areas of their lives.

3. Your daughters must see that you respect their body types and will never judge or demean them over them.

Young girls’ self-image can be heavily shaped by their father’s opinions of their appearance and body type. Although it may be hard to shake this influence when young, great dads know how to speak respectfully about their daughters’ body types.

4. Your daughters must see that you possess strong communication and problem-solving skills that allow for quick solutions to arise quickly.

When engaging in an argument with your daughter, be sure to express your viewpoint within 20 seconds of beginning any dialogue. This will keep discussions on track without deviating into unproductive topics like nostalgia.

5. Your daughters need to see that you can be a strong spiritual leader.

When your daughters see that your spiritual beliefs and trusting nature make an impressionable impression on them, they are more likely to share with you their deepest thoughts and emotions.

6. It is essential that your daughters can share with you openly and honestly about their lives and emotions.

Daughters’ feelings and thoughts can often be very private. Therefore, it’s essential that she feels safe enough to talk openly and honestly with her father about them, in a safe and confidential setting, in order to explore these emotions and make better choices regarding how she should live her life.

7. Your daughters need to see you as a role model.

Research suggests that young women tend to choose partners who share similar characteristics as their dad, making it essential for fathers to play an active role in their daughters’ lives and demonstrate they can be role models, while being supportive and loving so their daughters become strong women themselves.

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