Molly Yeh Everything Bagel Salad

Molly Yeh’s “Girl Meets Farm” Recipes

Foodie Molly Yeh is a popular star of “Girl Meets Farm,” but the Minnesota-based blogger doesn’t just show off her dishes in the show; she regularly cooks up some easy-to-make recipes for viewers to try at home.

She’s a self-taught chef who loves to create meals that feel fresh and are packed with flavor. On “Girl Meets Farm,” she’s shown viewers how to make a handful of her most delicious dishes, including her Bear-y Cookie Salad, Challah bread and Chicken Pot Hotdish.

Everything Bagel Scones

The flavors of a classic bagel are combined in these forgiving scone dough, which is quick and easy to make. For a twist, add cream cheese to the mix.

These scone dough is so versatile that you can use it to make any kind of savory or sweet scone you like. It’s a great base for adding your favorite toppings, like smoked salmon, egg salad or avocado.

Her scone recipe also works for making cinnamon bun scone sandwiches, which can be a fun breakfast treat. You can even bake them ahead of time and keep in the fridge for an on-the-go snack or meal.

This simple, yet decadent appetizer is perfect for a crowd or a party. It’s filled with crunchy croutons and plenty of creamy cream cheese.

The dressing is made with lemon juice, Dijon mustard and honey. It’s a little spicy, but it’s the perfect balance between tart and sweet. The dill and scallions are also a nice touch.

You can find this recipe in the cookbook Molly on the Range: Recipes and Stories from an Unlikely Life on a Farm. It’s available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

A Family Nostalgia

When Nick and Molly are spending the day on the farm, they love to spend it reminiscing about their childhood memories. For dinner, they’ll have a traditional family dish of artichoke chicken and biscuits.

It’s also Pizza Friday on the farm and they’re serving their homemade dough to friends for dinner. The family will enjoy two different pizzas: a Sausage and Kale Pizza and Squash and Ricotta Pizza with fresh squash from the farm.

They’ll have a pizza parlor salad with chickpeas for some greens, too. For dessert, they’ll enjoy Molly’s easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake with Buttercream Frosting.

These scone dough recipes are so easy to make that you can even throw them together on the fly when you’re in a pinch! They’re a great option for a quick lunch or dinner, too.

For a quick breakfast, you can always make one of her easy Blueberry Toasted Oat Tarts. Or you can indulge in a brunch buffet that includes her “Walking” Fish Tacos with Crunchy Cabbage Slaw and Cilantro Dressing, Pigs in a Blanket with Harissa Ketchup and her signature meatless Meatball Sliders.

During the winter, Molly loves to make comfort foods that are wholesome but don’t require much effort to prepare. She makes cozy Sweet Flatbreads with Lemon Yogurt Whipped Cream for lunch, then she makes a cozy dinner of spiced chicken pot pies and crisp chili Brussels sprouts to warm up on a cold day.

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