Moises Arias Net Worth

Moises Arias, an award-winning American actor, shot to prominence after appearing on Hannah Montana. Since then he has made appearances in movies The Kings of Summer and Ender’s Game which demonstrate his ability to take on more mature roles.

Neben acting, he is an accomplished director of multiple short films and music videos, photographer and theater artist.

Early Life and Education

Moises Arias was born and raised bilingual in New York City by his Colombian parents. At an early age, his passion for acting manifested itself fervently, prompting him to pursue it with extreme devotion.

Barbizon Modeling and Acting School in Atlanta, Georgia provided him with his initial acting training, where he began acting both on TV and movies – his portrayal of Rico Suave in Hannah Montana garnering him considerable popularity and leading him on to an established acting career.

He has appeared on television shows like Beethoven’s Big Break, Astro Boy and Wizards of Waverly Place as an actor or guest star, among many others. Additionally, he’s made appearances in films like Nacho Libre and The Perfect Game; additionally directing several short movies and music videos.

Professional Career

Moises Arias has established himself in Hollywood’s acting scene with roles in Hannah Montana, The Kings of Summer and Fallout among many others.

Arias is also a highly accomplished photographer who showcases his work on Instagram. He has taken pictures of several notable figures such as Jaden Smith, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin – making for some incredible shots!

Arias has already earned several nominations in his short career. He maintains an active social media presence with over two million followers on social media alone; though this year there was some controversy when an image leaked of him with 13-year-old girl was leaked online. Now 24 and still single, Arias is set for great things ahead in his career!

Achievement and Honors

Moises Arias is an award-winning actor and has also made significant contributions as a photographer and video director, both endeavors expanding his talent while giving him multiple avenues to express his artistic vision.

Arias has appeared on several popular television series such as Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Wizards of Waverly Place as well as lending his voice for Astro Boy – lending it as well to several short films such as Brothers in Arms and Monos that he directed himself. Additionally he’s an experienced musician as well as being known for composing and performing music himself.

He maintains an active social media presence and engages with his fanbase; however, little information regarding his private life has been publicly released until 2014 when it became known that he was dating Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith.

Personal Life

Moises Arias is an esteemed American actor known for his roles on both television and film. Committed to exploring different aspects of art and creating honest portrayals, his efforts have propelled him into an accomplished entertainment industry career.

Born to Monica and Cesar Arias of New York, young entertainer Mateo Arias enjoyed growing up within a diverse cultural environment. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Mateo is also an acclaimed actor known for his roles on Kickin’ It series.

Apart from acting, this young star is also an accomplished photographer and travel enthusiast. He regularly posts images to Instagram that showcase both beautiful landscapes as well as his celebrity friends – Jaden Smith, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin are among them!

Net Worth

Moises Arias’ passion for acting began at an early age, shaping his educational pursuits and ultimately leading him towards a career in entertainment. Soon after completing elementary school he landed his first gigs: appearing on Everybody Hates Chris, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Nacho Libre.

After his time on Hannah Montana, Arias transitioned into film roles that showcased his versatility and talent for portraying varied characters. His roles in The Kings of Summer and Ender’s Game solidified him as an accomplished actor.

Moises leads a relatively private life, practicing discretion in his personal relationships and without children of his own. An avid music enthusiast who especially appreciates AC/DC and Kiss albums. Moises attended Dixie Canyon Elementary School in Sherman Oaks before enrolling at Barbizon Modeling and Acting School to hone his craft.

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