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Miona Bell – The 90 Day Fiance Beauty Queen

Miona Bell from 90 Day Fiance has had an emotional journey since arriving in America. Her journey was filled with trials and tribulations, but ultimately triumphant. Now she and her husband Jibri are a couple to watch out for.

She is an accomplished businesswoman who has achieved great success through her venture Miona Beauty. With this success comes an impressive amount of money in the bank; proof that she can do anything! As a savvy entrepreneur, her products are becoming increasingly popular throughout the US.

Her latest product is a shampoo and conditioner set that she’s been sharing on social media, to which fans have responded positively.

The Serbian star is one of the most successful 90 Day Fiance stars and has made a name for herself as an expert hairstylist. She even owns her own beauty line that specializes in ponytail extensions!

One year since Serbian girl arrived in America, she has already achieved so much. She started her own business and purchased a car – just to name a few!

She’s become an influential force on social media, with a large following on both her personal and business Instagram accounts. On her personal account, she showcases her signature ponytail looks while selling clip-on ponytail extensions through her business account.

Recently, the Serbian star unveiled an exciting new look that has captured her followers’ attention. She shared a video of herself taking off her hair and makeup for this transformation.

In the video, she began by taking off her hair and applying moisturizer before applying makeup. She then combed her eyebrows before drawing in lines with a pencil, before finishing with some highlighter beneath her eyes for an elegant finish.

The video became an enormous sensation, being reposted by countless users across social media platforms. Furthermore, it has been viewed more than 10 million times on Instagram alone.

Her business has also been praised for its effectiveness, with many people using her products to achieve desired outcomes. However, some have taken issue with how she utilizes late Selena Gomez in her commercials.

She has also been criticized for her choice of clothing and how she dresses in public. Her mother reportedly told her that she appeared too young and wasn’t conservative enough.

Miona has managed to silence her critics through hard work and never engaging with negative remarks. Today, Miona is an incredibly successful beauty guru, and this success has allowed her to exponentially grow her audience.

In addition to her own hair and makeup lines, she carries a range of beauty products for other women. Furthermore, she provides free tutorials and tips to her followers so they are always up-to-date on the newest beauty trends.

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