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Millie Bobby Brown is Already a Power-Broker

Millie Bobby Brown has already established herself as an accomplished actress despite her youth. Her career took off after the 2016 release of Stranger Things in which she plays Eleven; this groundbreaking hit broke records and earned Millie an Emmy nomination.

Stranger Things has catapulted her into fame and celebrity status; in 2018 she became the youngest ever person ever named as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Furthermore, her philanthropic work is just as notable and she champions environmental sustainability with great passion.

In 2021, Brown started dating Jake Bongiovi, son of Jon Bon Jovi. They regularly attend red carpets together and Brown has shown great style with both her hair and fashion choices: Her signature bob haircut has evolved into long locks a la Blair Waldorf; headbands and preppy hats have also become part of her look while she has gone from casual cotton tees to elegant gowns in recent years.

She is the face of multiple skincare lines, including her own label Florence by Mills which sells vegan cosmetics at Boots pharmacies across the UK. Additionally, she has appeared in television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family.

Brown has become an advocate for mental health issues, revealing her own struggle with anxiety in public statements. Additionally, she champions equality and has spoken out against bullying. Additionally, this young star has spoken openly about her Christian faith while serving as a regular guest on ABC talk show Jimmy Fallon.

While she has achieved much in her career, the actress’ stardom has not gone without criticism from certain quarters. Critics of her stardom include her father’s attempts to cash in on his daughter’s success by demanding exorbitant fees from agents approaching her as agents; also, public statements she makes regarding being a flat earther and her friendship with older singer Drake have come under scrutiny; hairstyle choices she chooses for herself as well as using “flirt” in the name of her beauty line are sometimes brought up as sources of discontentment among viewers.

Millie Bobby Brown may already have achieved much, yet there seems to be even more in store for her. As seen on Stranger Things, Millie looks set for even bigger roles over time.

Many fans have noticed an uncanny resemblance between Millie and Elizabeth Perkins (born 1960). A viral TikTok post by @shuhuhuh last week featured photos and captions highlighting these striking similarities, garnering over seven million views and earning praise from critics as it spread positive mental health messaging from both stars. Both incredibly talented and inspirational figures, we cannot wait to see what more they accomplish over time!

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