Milk Actor Sean

Milk Actor Sean Answers

If you’re looking for a crossword clue for Milk actor Sean, look no further. We have the answer to this clue in the Daily Themed Crossword for February 9 2021. This crossword puzzle has classic crossword clues that must both be solved across and down. To solve the crossword clue faster, you can use our hint generator below. Below are other solutions for Milk actor Sean.

A conservative New Yorker, Milk is not comfortable with the gay lifestyle, which led him to record his beliefs on tape. His conservative, closeted friends are not open to his political activism. Scott Smith is his partner. They eventually move to San Francisco, where they adopt a hippie lifestyle. They clash with the “establishment”, which is too conservative to support them as they strive for equality.

Despite the film’s political significance, Milk remains a popular role. His candidacy for public office was a success, making him the first openly homosexual person elected to public office in America. He must battle Dan White, a former officer of the police, as his fellow supervisor. In the end, Milk is a martyr in his struggle for equality. In spite of the film’s political significance, the movie portrays him as a common, everyday person.

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