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A Delphi, Indiana, Man Is Linked To The Murders Of Libby German And Abigail Williams, Five Years Ago

The slaying of Libby German and Abigail Williams on a hiking trail in Delphi, Indiana, five years ago has uprooted a small town and left many Hoosiers wondering who would kill their daughters. The blizzard of news coverage, social media speculation and bits of chilling evidence released in the case have captivated people across the country even this long after the victims were discovered.

The murders of Libby and Abigail shocked the nation, and investigators received tens of thousands of tips. Eventually, police were able to release two sketches and more video from one of the girls’ cell phones. But they say that is just a start.

During a press conference on Monday, ISP Superintendent Doug Carter said that investigators have recently identified a man who was likely involved in the deaths of Libby and Abigail. It is believed that the suspect is Richard Allen, 50, a married drugstore employee living in Delphi.

According to a statement from ISP, Mr Allen was found in possession of photos and other evidence that could help in the investigation into the murders of Libby and Abigail. He had access to the two girls’ cellphones, which contained footage of them on a railroad bridge.

He also has a history of being under surveillance by the FBI. He was arrested and charged with 30 felonies in 2020 over the slayings of the two teens, but authorities had not been able to confirm that he was involved in their death.

The arrest of a man linked to the murders of Libby and Abigail is a significant step forward in the long-running, complex investigation into their deaths. But the case is far from over, and McLeland says that detectives continue to receive a dozen or more tips daily.

In fact, investigators were told last week that there was new information that prompted them to believe that the suspect had been hiding in plain sight. That means that Allen has been in the Delphi area for a very long time, living in the same home and visiting his family members on a regular basis.

It is not clear how much time he has spent in the city since the two girls were killed. He may have moved to another location or taken a job elsewhere.

The suspect is also a drugstore employee, working at the CVS store in Delphi. He is a licensed pharmacist, receiving his most recent pharmaceutical license in February 2018.

Becky Patty and Mike Patty, Libby’s grandparents, confirmed to reporters that Mr Allen had processed pictures for them at the CVS store where they worked when the girls were murdered. They said he did not charge them for the pictures.

He is a trained pharmacy technician, receiving his most recent licensing in February 2018 (one year after the murders). State records show that Mr Allen was a licensed pharmacy technician and has been employed at the Delphi CVS since at least 2013.

The arrest of a man linked to the Libby and Abigail German’s murders is a significant step forward in the long-running, complicated investigation into their deaths. But the case is still far from over, and McLeland is encouraging more tips to be sent in.

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