Michael Phelps Tattoo On Back

Michael Phelps Gets a Tattoo on Back

Michael Phelps has accomplished much in his career. A 22-time Olympic gold medalist and most decorated swimmer ever to grace the sport of swimming, Phelps has broken and set 39 world records to become an icon in swimming history. Additionally, through his foundation he has donated millions to promote water safety worldwide and to ensure swimming continues for future generations.

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Phelps made headlines for unleashing his signature “Phelps Face.” That staredown inspired many memes and has since become an iconic representation of him and his superstar status. Canadian man Ricky Fung decided to get this look permanently tattooed onto his right calf by Toronto tattoo artist Livia Tsang; she shared an Instagram photo showing that work being completed there at Chronic Ink.

Fung had long wanted a full sleeve tattoo and when Tsang saw the Phelps Face go viral she knew it would be an ideal image to start it all off. “He has always been supportive of my work and gave his permission easily for her to ink it on his body,” Tsang states, noting how Fung gave his consent so easily for Tsang to start inking him with it.

Phelps may go unnoticed when swimming in the pool as his swim trunks cover it up; but whenever he steps outside to show it off and show it off with pride. He has an inked image on his hip depicting the Olympic rings that is often hidden when wearing shorts; that design represents how Olympians come from different continents to meet up at Games; his letter M tattoo may symbolize where he earned two back-to-back NCAA titles at Michigan while some speculate it represents his home state of Maryland.

Phelps has since retired from competition, making appearances on several television programs after retiring – such as Saturday Night Live and hosting the MTV Video Music Awards – including taking time for his adorable son Boomer who’s been accompanying him ever since Beijing.

Caeleb Dressel has long been considered a suitable successor to Michael Phelps in the Olympic swimming scene, and it seems he’ll continue that tradition successfully in Tokyo at the 2022 Games. We can’t wait to see how young American swimmers compare against his record-setting streak at these competitions; here’s hoping we see more legendary game faces and maybe another Phelps Face tattoo? That would definitely be cool!

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