Meghan From Siesta Key

Who Is Meghan Bischoff?

Siesta Key is a reality show following a group of high school friends living in an affluent beach town. The cast members are renowned for their luxurious lifestyles, romantic relationships and entrepreneurial ventures.

Meghan Bischoff is a beloved character on the show and an entrepreneur in her own right. She owns Sarasota News and Books, a destination for book enthusiasts, nationally-acclaimed authors, and downtown business leaders. Additionally, Meghan plans to launch Muse By Meg (@musebymeg), her clothing line which she plans to launch soon.

Her net worth is estimated to be $500,000. She enjoys a large social media following and often shares details of her daily life with them.

Fans adore her wicked sense of humor and she often engages with her followers through Instagram stories. Additionally, she shares pictures of her family and friends which provide plenty of entertainment for many fans.

After her recent encounter on Siesta Key with Sam Logan, Meghan has taken action to unfollow him from social media and block him from her account. She believes Sam is using her in a negative manner and wants to separate herself from him.

She has also criticized him for maintaining his friendship with Jordana Barnes despite him kissing her. She has demanded that either he throws her out of his house or ends their relationship.

The star has since blocked and unfollowed him on Instagram, but she stands by her decision. She explained that it was simply being honest with her followers.

Recent Instagram posts reveal her plans to launch a fashion line called Muse By Meg. She is currently searching fabric for the brand and hopes to launch it soon.

She recently changed her hair color, prompting some to speculate why. While some claim she is trying to emulate Juliette Porter or Jordana Barnes, she insists this isn’t the case.

She is also involved in pageantry, having competed in Miss Naples Teen USA 2017 and currently working on her upcoming swimwear line which will be launched shortly.

Her father is a doctor and she has an older sister. In her spare time she enjoys reading and exploring new places.

She has held various roles, such as model and beauty blogger. Her work has been featured on multiple magazine covers, plus she’s written for other publications.

She maintains an Instagram account where she shares photos of her life and adventures, which boasts over 4 million followers. Furthermore, she runs an online shop selling her merchandise.

Model and actress, she has collaborated with major brands such as H&M and GUESS. Additionally, she has appeared on numerous runways and in magazines.

Her net worth is estimated to be $500,000. As an entrepreneur, she has amassed a large fan base on social media platforms such as Instagram where she regularly shares her daily life with her followers. Furthermore, she runs a website where clients can book collaborations.

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