Matt Sinn And Ryan Phillippe

Are Ryan Phillippe and Matt Sinn Gay?

Ryan Phillippe and Matt Sinn sparked widespread gay rumors this weekend after sharing a picture together on Instagram with the caption: “Merry Christmas from our house to yours,” prompting people to speculate whether or not they were romantically involved.

Some reported the couple was parting ways! That claim wasn’t entirely accurate though.

Instead, his post was meant to be humorous; many fans quickly pointed out that he was mocking gay or bisexuality by taking note of how quickly people responded that it wasn’t taken as such and went as far as saying that he was indeed “gay ha-ha.”

However, when Phillippe tried to make clear on Instagram Story that he hadn’t come out, Sinn took action to clarify his position. He posted a photo showing two women lounging next to Phillippe who Sinn claimed were his partners in crime.

Matt Sinn is a prolific producer and writer renowned for his contributions to movies like Trigger (2012), Dreamt (2010) and The Ledge (2011). A close acquaintance of actor Ryan Phillippe, Matt has long been active in the entertainment world.

He is also the proud parent of two children; Deacon is 18 and Ava is 21.

At first they met in 1997, then got engaged the following year and got married the following June 2003 – however their union ultimately proved short-lived, though they remain friends today.

In 1999 and 2003 respectively, Ava and Deacon were born into their relationship before it ended with separation and divorce in 2007.

Reese Witherspoon gave birth to her daughter Ava at 22. Reese was first linked to Ryan Phillippe in 1997 but they separated several years later in 2006.

She gave birth to Tennessee, her second son at 27 and together they are also parents to another daughter named Brooklyn Beckham.

Witherspoon, now 45, and Phillippe are currently living together in Malibu, California.

These two have been best friends ever since they met, and are known for their close and seductive bond. Even with busy lives and careers of their own to contend with, they always find time for each other and support each other whenever necessary.

Their children share many similarities. Ava, 22, is also a model while Deacon is 18.

Reese often reunites with her daughters during the holidays; recently they recorded a video for Deacon’s graduation this past October.

Things have since been resolved; Sinn, Stephanie Lauren and Bailey Dodge’s mutual friend from Cruel Intentions has dispelled any homosexual rumors by sharing an earlier photo featuring both of them in the same pose.

That post, which has gone viral on social media, appears to be an answer to speculation that actor was gay or bisexual.

He is a father to two and has long been involved with entertainment industry. A talented performer, he has also been linked with multiple women over time.

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