Master Of Arms Duck Puppy

The Master of Arms and the Duck Puppy

What do you know about the federal duck stamp of 1959? A quick search of the internet yielded a plethora of information on the topic, with some of the most interesting articles originating from the state of Washington. Among the most informative sources of the aforementioned are the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Duck Association. This latter duo has a long history of being the first to publish a comprehensive list of federally owned or leased properties, which has served as a sort of canonical source for the country’s canine citizens.

While the state of Wisconsin may be the epicenter of the waterfowl world, it is certainly not the hub of the canine universe. As a matter of fact, the state of Illinois ranks highest in terms of acreage owned by dog breeders, with nearly a half billion birds to be found in its back yard. Among the most important of which are ducks, swans and geese. There are currently nine duck hunting clubs in the state, six of which are in the greater metro area. It is a slam dunk that the best of the bunch will inevitably relocate to another locale. In addition, the city of Milwaukee is about to become the home of the largest and most prestigious canine event in the world, the annual Big Game Festival, which is expected to dwindle to its final incarnation in about a decade. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, stop by one of the many events.

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