Married At First Sight Reunion Preview

Married at First Sight Reunion Preview

On Wednesday night, the Married at First Sight season 14 cast will join for a special reunion. As they come together on stage to share their memories of the show and what life after marriage looks like, viewers will get an exclusive insight into what it’s like to live after your big day!

Part one of the episode begins with the cast reflecting on how much they enjoyed being on television and how it challenged them to consider their relationships. Mark noted that he lost 40 pounds by switching out his hamburgers for sushi, while Katina spoke of how she started seeing herself as a person again after the cameras stopped rolling.

Alyssa admitted she lied when she talked to the brides-to-be about a tennis match she played with Chris. Additionally, she revealed that she felt uneasy sharing details about her ex-husband with them and thought it best not to.

Michael Watson is known to punch frequently and was caught with a fake ID when visiting his estranged wife Meka. Meka quickly called out Michael for his behavior onstage, and he stormed offstage. A member of the show’s production team asked about it but Michael refused to answer any questions and cursed out his co-stars and crew when in Panama.

On Decision Day, Justin and Alexis were visibly upset with each other after saying “yes.” After 20 minutes of arguments ensued after their decision, Justin had to leave due to his anger. On their honeymoon drive home together, they got into another heated argument as Justin wanted to prove to Alexis he could convince her of his suitability for marriage.

Noi and Steve are discontented with their current situation, uncertain if they want to move in together or remain in their current apartment. Furthermore, the two don’t agree on how best to raise their children.

They express how much they cherish their friendship and are contented in their lives, even if it hasn’t allowed for as much intimacy as desired. Kevin confides that they’re hoping to rekindle their romance and that marriage may yet take place – though whether this will become reality remains uncertain.

Lindsey and Mark were a strong couple while filming the show, but things began to unravel once the cameras stopped rolling. There was more fighting between them when there weren’t cameras present and Lindsay felt Mark was different when things weren’t documented. Additionally, she didn’t like his excessive bluntness nor was Mark fond of her bullying behaviors.

Their issues eventually led to divorce, and they had to accept that their union was over. At their reunion, former friends reunited with them and their interactions caused tensions which flared up until a confrontation between the couple took place.

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