Marlon Wayans St Barts

Marlon Wayans St Barts

The Wayans family is well known for their comedy movies and television shows that have grossed millions at the box office, yet one member of this iconic clan has taken entertainment by storm with his stand-up special, Marlon Wayans St Barts. The special is 59 minutes long and covers various events and scenarios in its presentation.

Wayans is an internationally acclaimed physical comedian known for using body language and facial expressions to deliver his comedic lines. He’s also well-known for creating characters based on his experiences and situations that come directly out of them, taking audiences on an engaging journey through a day in the life of three individuals including their struggles, insecurities and what they do to overcome them.

This stand-up special is an absolute must for those who love laughter and entertainment. The comedian tackles topics including race, culture and relationships in his show; as well as providing advice for dealing with common problems encountered by blacks. His act is hilarious yet intelligently written to provide audiences with hours of laugher and tears.

Marlon tackles issues of racism and white people’s misconceptions of blacks during his show. Additionally, he discusses his relationship with Angelica Zackary for 12 years as well as their two children Amai and Shawn as well as past sexual encounters he’s had. Marlon stands out among comedians by having an original sense of humor which sets him apart.

Marlon also discusses his views on marriage and dating, in general. The White Chicks star has long expressed his beliefs on this subject; following the death of his mother in 2020, he no longer views marriage as essential for happiness.

Marlon discusses his relationships with female celebrities and socialites. He has been seen with Kandi Burruss from Real Housewives of Atlanta and TLC’s Chilli; additionally, Marlon mentions how they inspire his work.

After his performance on stage, Marlon is staying busy in film and television industry. He will host The Daily Show from Comedy Central March 6-9th as well as appear in Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s upcoming movie Air; additionally he stars in Netflix film Sextuplets.

Marlon Wayans is an immensely gifted and hilarious comedian that showcases some of his finest material in his latest special, St Barts. While short in duration, St Barts packs an emotional punch and will have audiences laughing out loud! For fans of Marlon Wayans or comedy alike – as well as any movies that deserve your consideration from this list – St Barts should not be missed.

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