Maneskin Want To Join Forces With Blackpink

BLACKPINK and Maneskin Want to Join Forces With BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK made waves at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), making their VMAs debut and winning multiple awards including the inaugural Moon Man for female groups. BLACKPINK performed their single “Pink Venom”, further increasing its popularity. Furthermore, BLACKPINK released several concept videos and photos that kept fans excited for BLACKPINK’s return.

As BLACKPINK continues to gain worldwide attention, many celebrities and artists have shown their admiration. American rapper Lil Nas X was seen fangirling over them when introduced during an awards show; his reaction became an internet meme among BLINKS.

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift also showed her support for BLACKPINK at an event, cheering and vibing to their performance at an event where Dylan O’Brien, Lizzo, and Jack Harlow performed. Swift quickly went viral online after sharing this video and amassing over 2.5 million views by writing. Other stars like Dylan O’Brien, Lizzo, and Jack Harlow showed their admiration on social media; not just through reaction videos either but via tweets as well.

O’Brien can be seen cheering and dancing along to “Pink Venom,” while also showing his excitement over YG Entertainment’s latest release. Later he posted a picture with members of BLACKPINK to further express his admiration of them.

Not only did BLACKPINK’s performance and wins at the VMAs garner praise from celebrities, they also helped increase their brand reputation according to a report by Korean Business Research Institute – “DDU-DU DDU-DU” singers were named top of this year’s Brand Reputation Ranking for a third consecutive time!

Now that BLACKPINK has cemented their dominance on the music scene, there may be even more opportunities for collaborations with other musical artists. Recently, Italian glam rock band Maneskin indicated their desire to work together, with bassist Victoria De Angelis and vocalist Damiano David of Maneskin saying they want to join forces with BLACKPINK when asked whom they would most like to take a selfie with; their enthusiastic reaction inspired BLINKS fans to dream of an epic collaboration between both groups; even joked about wanting Damiano to take them there so they can watch Rose unleash her inner rockstar self!

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