Mae Planert

Interview With Stand-Up Comedian Mae Planert

Mae Planert, a stand-up comedian, goes by Mae Elaine. According to her Instagram bio, she is thirty-one years old. Despite her young age, she has already appeared on a variety of comedy shows, including Comedy Central digital. Previously, she had performed in bars, dumpster fires, and at Duane Reade and Chuckie Cheese’s. She shares her top tips and tricks to secure an agent and become a successful stand-up comedian in this interview.

It is interesting to note that Planert didn’t tell her boyfriend about her stand up comedy career until six months after their first meeting. She says that she didn’t ask for help from her boyfriend, and the two rarely discuss comedy together. However, Planert says that the comedian in her life did not influence her personal life or career, and she remained focused on her career. Both Planert as Normand have enjoyed a successful comedy career.

Mae Planert has performed in a variety of venues, including comedy festivals and stand-up clubs. She also opened slots for stand-up comedians. She is also featured on Comedy Central’s digital platform and hosts two podcasts. Mae Planert has been dating Mark Normand since 2015. She met Normand when she went to a comedy show with another guy. They were unable to forget one another and soon began dating.

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