Maci Bookout Plastic Surgery

Maci Bookout Has Undergone Plastic Surgery

Maci Bookout has not shied away from plastic surgery after her appearance on “Teen Mom OG.” Although she has yet to publicly share any details, it’s evident that she wants her curves back.

During her time on the reality show, she lost weight and saw her figure transform, leading to the desire for cosmetic surgery. Recently she underwent plastic surgery to make herself appear younger; and so far she’s delighted with the results!

In an Instagram post, she posed in her kitchen and it’s evident how her body has been altered. Additionally, the shape of her face appears slightly altered too, leading some observers and fans alike to speculate that she had undergone plastic surgery for the transformation.

A plastic surgeon offered his opinion on the controversy, suggesting she may have used fillers to make her lips appear fuller. Others questioned if she had Botox injections, which have been known to make faces appear less defined.

Maci Bookout has also been the subject of speculation that she has breast implants. Although she has never confirmed this, she did mention them briefly on the show in the past.

The former “Teen Mom” star has been a major presence on the show ever since she became pregnant at 16 with ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards’ son, Bentley. Since then, she’s married to Taylor McKinney and they have two children together: Jayde and Maverick.

On the contrary, her ex-husband Ryan Edwards has had a difficult year. He was arrested last month and has since lost custody of his two kids.

Maci remains one of the most well-adjusted Teen Mom stars despite all this. She may still be a party animal, but she has definitely matured since she was younger.

Maci even appeared as a contestant on the hit TV show Naked and Afraid, where she and another stranger attempted to survive in the wild for 14 days without any modern amenities. Throughout their episode, Maci and her bearded partner must find food, shelter, water and clothing without assistance.

As someone who has faced many dangers before, she was sure she could make it through this adventure. After practicing making fires at home for practice, she felt ready to tackle whatever lay ahead.

Ultimately, she was able to successfully navigate her 14-day ordeal and not let any of her fears get the better of her. Even managing to conquer two items on her list – finding a papaya tree and climbing up it with help from her bearded partner – proved successful!

Teen Mom star’s brave decision may have been the toughest yet, and she looks stunning while doing so. While viewers must wait and see if she makes it through the entire episode, they can be certain that when she returns from her journey, fans will be sure to see just how stunning she will look.

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