Mac Miller Everything Will Be Ok

Mac Miller – Songs That Will Help You Get Through Your Next Tough Day

Mac Miller was one of the most distinctive rappers of his era. A wealthy white kid from Pittsburgh with incredible freestyle skills, he began releasing mixtapes while still in high school and quickly established an avid fan base as well as working relationships with fellow artists despite his young age. Over just a few short years, he rose from being a well-liked indie rapper to becoming a major label star and an artist renowned for shifting from youthful life-is-good anthems towards exploring his internal turmoil through more introspective pieces. However, tragically at 26 he died from an accidental overdose, becoming emblematic of deeply troubled millennials struggling with internal depression and addiction while maintaining an outward appearance of normalcy.

Miller provided an outlet for depressed extroverts who found relief through music and recreational activities; these experiences brought them a sense of community with others who appreciated his music as the soundtrack to their lives, so his passing came as a shock for many who relied upon it for support and comfort. We honor his legacy by sharing some of our favorite tracks by the late rapper that will help ease you through tough days ahead.

1. “Woods” On his second album, Swimming, Miller was coming to terms with death, an ex-relationship and celebrity pressures. In this song he details his struggle to stay afloat despite all these challenges and find purpose and meaning in life despite it all – one of the most emotionally wrenching songs on Swimming that showcased Miller’s impressive vocal talent and range.

2. “Smile Back”

This track on the album showcases his musical talent and ability to rap over a beat, while its production creates an instantly relaxing atmosphere that puts listeners in a good mood. Lyrically it speaks positively of taking time away from problems in order to truly appreciate them and move on from them.

3. “Slow Down”

With its catchy hook and catchy melodies, “Slow Down” is an infectious party anthem. Play this track in your car on a Saturday night to jam out while dancing your heart out! Mac’s production quality is superb while her vocals shine – yet another knock against this song being that its video is so emotionally heart-wrenching.

4. “Everything Will Be OK” Perhaps the most iconic tune on this list, “Everything Will Be Ok” has become an anthem for those going through hard times. The lyrics resonate deeply for anyone feeling alone or lost while simultaneously offering hope that things will eventually turn out alright in life. It’s an inspirational way of reminding ourselves that no matter what comes our way, everything will eventually work out just fine in the end.

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