Mac Jones By Storm Rookie Card

Mac Jones by Storm Rookie Card

The New England Patriots selected Alabama alum Mac Jones with the 15th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and it seems they will reap rewards. He immediately stepped up to start at quarterback for them, becoming an instantaneous hit among collectors – leading to unprecedented interest for Mac Jones by Storm rookie cards.

Johnny Stone, 13, found an extremely rare Panini Prizm Football card during a live stream and was stunned to find it–one-of-a-kind Mac Jones Black Finite rookie card from 1989! His reaction has gone viral; as reported by Akron Beacon Journal he can be heard exclaiming, “One of one, my god.” Chad Stone owns Stone Sports Cards together with Johnny and they each split 70 percent of any profits generated through selling cards they buy and flip; Chad told PEOPLE this card find couldn’t have come at better time as finances at their construction company had tightened considerably since before this rare find came in.

Panini’s top rookie options for Mac Jones include Prizm and National Treasures cards, with the latter boasting on-card autograph and jumbo patch swatch signature. Of particular note is its limited production run of 99 copies – adding to its appeal while making the card especially valuable due to its scarcity.

Donruss Downtown rookie cards for Jones offer another viable option. Released one year after Mosaic, this set boasts numerous parallels which can significantly boost its value as well.

Upper Deck products also feature Jones’ rookie cards; for instance, his 2020 Upper Deck USA Football Mac Jones card from his time on the U19 US National Team can be found online-only ePack release and provides an enticing glimpse at this future New England Patriots quarterback.

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