Lululemon What The Sport Shorts

Lululemon What the Sport Shorts Are a Staple in Every Athleisure Closet

Lululemon’s What the Sport Shorts have become a must-have item in every athleisure wardrobe. These buttery soft, high-rise yoga shorts have revolutionized the athleisure world with their buttery soft fabric.

The Align High-Rise Short is available in an array of colors and patterns. Crafted from nylon and Lycra elastane, they feel smooth and soft on the outside while being sweat-wicking and breathable inside. With proper care, this fabric will last you years to come.

They’re ideal for yoga or Pilates exercises due to their resistance to pilling. Nulu fabric in particular is ideal, being made of a stretchy and lightweight fabric that can withstand repeated wear and tear.

When washing Lululemon sport shorts, the same tips as your leggings apply: avoid fabric softeners as these will affect how your fabric stretches and maintains its shape; additionally, hang dry your shorts instead of machine-washing to prevent lint accumulation.

Lululemon’s sport line fabrics contain an anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking feature to prevent bacteria buildup. You should also limit exposure to direct sunlight when wearing this product, since UV rays can cause discoloration and even fade the color.

Lululemon what the sport offers a range of sizes, including plus-size options. Most styles in their collection feature various inseam lengths so you can pick one that best fits your body type.

Depending on your activity level, you may prefer a shorter inseam length for increased movement. Alternatively, select a higher waistband rise for added support and to prevent chafing.

Another popular style is the V-Notch style, which features an upside-down V-shape cutout on the side seams of the legs to allow runners more room to move while running. Some lululemon V-Notch shorts are designed with more stretch while others provide tighter fitting support so runners have all they need while exercising.

In addition to the V-Notch, Lululemon sports shorts come in compression or straight leg styles. Compression shorts fit tighter against your body for increased comfort during endurance activities like running or cycling.

Straight-leg styles offer a more classic, casual look. They tend to be longer than V-Notch shorts and fitted around the hips; making them an excellent choice for women’s running since they help prevent chaffing while exerting effort.

These shoes come in an array of colors and can be purchased in plus-size, petite, tall and extended sizes. Furthermore, you have your pick of fabrics from Swift to Everlux – check them out today!

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