Lugbug Shark Tank Update

LugBug – Shark Tank Update

Nathan Day is the creator of LugBug, an ergonomically correct baby car seat handle. After experiencing dislocated shoulder while carrying his infant daughter in traditional car seat, he set out to make this household task less taxing for parents – creating a portable handle which attaches directly to any single-handle carrier and alleviates uncomfortable or potentially hazardous hand positions created by conventional handles.

Nathan Day made an appearance on Shark Tank season 10 to request an investment of $300,000. His pitch focused on how he spent over $750,000 of his own money developing an invention that is selling thousands of units annually and received positive feedback from customers and awards for being made.

Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary thought the product was interesting, but were skeptical as to its success in sales or purchasing rates. Barbara Corcoran complimented Day as an outstanding salesperson but expressed concern at spending so much money on patents before seeing any returns; Lori Greiner applauded its inventiveness but suggested pitching it to car seat manufacturers rather than selling it herself.

Day didn’t let this stop him, however; he continued pushing forward his business nonetheless. Since then, his product line has expanded to include children’s apparel, and work is currently underway on creating the second generation LugBug. Based in Irvine, California and employing approximately 20 staffers.

As of this writing, LugBugs are currently sold out both on Amazon and their own website, and there is no indication when or if their inventory will be replenished. However, other products from this company such as baby carriers and apparel can still be found on these sites.

If you’re seeking relief from wrist, elbow and shoulder pain associated with carrying around a child in a car seat, the lugbug could be worth considering as a way out. Easy to install, this product offers greater comfort for carrying your child around while at the same time may not provide as many advantages compared to similar products on the market – keep an open mind!

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