Lover Themed Brunch Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Lover Themed Brunch

For all her love of the outdoors, Taylor Swift has a deep appreciation for the city. She’s been in New York for nearly her entire life, and a handful of her songs pay homage to the city’s famous landmarks. If you’re looking to book your own Taylor Swift themed party, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a New York-inspired theme into the day!

Guests can dress up in their favorite Taylor Swift outfits as they take part in the fun. There are tons of options for this ranging from casual to chic, so you can find something that fits your aesthetic!

Start off the party with a photoshoot where you can snap your own 1989-inspired shots. Set up a simple backdrop and have everyone snap a picture with their phones to create an inspiring keepsake for the evening!

Get some booze and snacks to go along with this activity. You can find a local bar with a Taylor Swift-themed menu or even order from online. This will be a great way for your guests to bond over the music that inspired them in their life, as well as give them a chance to try some food they wouldn’t normally be able to afford.

You can also throw in a few drinks for the guests who have been feeling heartbroken all week! You can find a variety of breakup-themed cocktails in the market, as well as some fun tequila-inspired recipes.

Another way to make your Taylor Swift themed brunch extra special is to have a slumber party. You can have the guests wear their matching jammies, and you can even have a dance party!

The song itself has a nice little sexy twist. Rather than the traditional slinky cheesy ballad, this one is more straightforward, with a bouncy chorus and just enough lyrics to keep you captivated. You’ll want to be sure to choose a room with good lighting to get the most out of this activity, but it will be a hit with your guests!

As you and your guests eat, sing, and dance around, don’t forget to take photos! You’ll be able to look back at these memories and feel like you were there with your loved ones!

While you’re enjoying the music, a dancer can help you choreograph your own dance routine. You can find a dancer in your area who is skilled in this art, or you can hire a professional dancer to do the choreography for you. This will be a fun and memorable experience for your guests, and you can even use the dancers to capture some photos that you can post on social media!

Whether you have a friend who is going through a breakup or you’re just a fan of the album, this activity will be a hit with your guests. You can even invite the artist to perform their own version of the songs for your party!

It’s the perfect way to celebrate the last day of your Taylor Swift-themed event! You can throw a fun dance party and have some light alcoholic drinks to end the night on a high note.

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