Lovely You By Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely You Perfume Review

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely You Perfume is a delicate floral fragrance featuring top notes of water lily, freesia and plum blossom; middle notes of jasmine, orange flower and pink peony; base notes of warm musk, vanilla orchid and resinous benzoin.

Experience the blissful, delicate floral scent of Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely You.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s first perfume release was created by perfumers Laurent Le Guernec and Clement Gavarry, featuring a beautiful, sophisticated, soft aroma with just enough glamour to suit any occasion. It can be enjoyed year-round as an everyday go-to or for special occasions.

This feminine musk perfume is perfect for summer. It’s subtle enough to wear during the day but still has a slightly naughty edge that makes it suitable for women of any age group.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s fragrance comes in a 100 ml bottle with an opaque blush finish and clear fluted cap. The decanter’s elegant simplicity is further enhanced by the small gold capitals printed at the center of the bottle indicating the perfume’s name and creator.

The eau de parfum spray costs $52 for 1.7 oz, while the body mist costs $10 for 8 oz and can be found as part of various Kohl’s gift sets.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely perfume collection has just released its newest soft, clean floral musk fragrance: Perfect as a present for someone you care about!

Sarah Jessica Parker introduces “Lovely You,” their delicate floral fragrance that’s ideal for any special occasion or moment in your life. With notes of wild freesia, plum blossom and water lily, this fragrant blend opens with an intoxicating summertime aroma that will take you back to childhood.

After the initial floral burst, this fragrance settles into a light and airy mix of sweet and soft notes that makes for an enchantingly pleasant and attractive aroma. Hints of fruit and flowers blend beautifully with subtle balsamic notes of sweet woody notes for an utterly unique character. This Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance truly stands out among its peers!

This perfume is ideal for summertime wear as it’s light and lasts long on the skin. It can be worn by anyone from young girls to mature women, making it a great office scent choice for busy working women.

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