Love Is Blind 2 Cast Zodiac Signs

Love Is Blind Season 2 Cast Zodiac Signs

Love may be blind, but the stars know all. Netflix’s binge-inducing dumpster fire hit Love Is Blind has come full circle in season 2, showcasing six couples at various stages of engagement or breakup – whether you root for reunion or not; one thing’s certain – Love Is Blind delivers plenty of juicy drama! But which of the couples have the greatest potential for lasting romance? We took a look at their zodiac signs to figure it out!

Paul is an Aries man known for being headstrong and impulsive, so it comes as no surprise that they fall quickly for someone. However, Aries men can sometimes struggle with control issues and jealousy issues; therefore it’s crucial that he chooses someone patient and understanding like Micah; who also happens to be an intuitive Pisces so would make an excellent partner!

Tom Clare is a classic example of a Virgo: hard workers with an established work ethic who put progress first. They’re practical yet grounded people, yet can sometimes become stubborn; so while Samie and Brennon seem like ideal partners at first, their different zodiac signs might make things challenging as their relationship progresses.

Leos often receive criticism for being self-centered and attention seeking; however, their best qualities include loyalty, generosity and an enduring spirit. Furthermore, Leos take commitment seriously so it’s imperative they choose a partner who considers their emotional needs; provided this pair can work through any differences it should be successful!

Are You Searching For Adventure With Gemini Partners? They may just be what you need! Their wit can help navigate any situation with ease while their flirtatious side can often control relationships. But once they learn to put aside their impulses and focus on building their partnerships properly, their adventure could come to a fruitful conclusion!

Cancerians are highly emotionally intelligent and empathic creatures, so it comes as no surprise that Damian instantly connected with Giannina. While their affection can be romantic, their sensitivity may lead them to overprotect their partners while neglecting themselves and their needs.

Aries men tend to be passionate, self-confident individuals who lead in relationships. Unfortunately, their impulsivity can sometimes leave them overconfident and vulnerable in relationships; therefore it’s crucial that these men establish trust with those they enter relationships with. Olivia Taurus makes for an excellent and trustworthy partner for Maxwell Samuda; though Olivia can find fault with any actions not aligning with words – something Maxwell can sometimes struggle with himself.

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