Love After Lockup Marcelino And Brittany

Love After Lockup – Marcelino and Brittany May Not Make it Past the Finish Line

Love After Lockup follows couples as they transition into dating after prison release and navigate dating, meeting family, and other first-time nerve-wracking situations successfully. Watch as nine former inmates and their partners navigate new relationships, unexpected drama, fights and more!

On this season of WEtv reality spin-off, some of the most dramatic drama comes from Marcelino and Brittany, despite their commitment. A recent Instagram post by Brittany revealed they were experiencing issues.

Brittany believes Marcelino has been distant ever since they returned from prison. She feels that he doesn’t spend enough time with either herself or Giovanni, whom they share a son together. After an explosive argument between the pair, Brittany finally decides it’s time for her to leave;

While fans hope that things work out between Marcelino and Brittany, their future seems far from guaranteed. Early this season, Brittany claimed she caught Marcelino cheating with Amanda via texts and Internet chat rooms; additionally she stated he was also having an affair with a transgender woman without telling her of this fact.

Brittany says she learned about Marcelino’s affair with Amanda when she discovered texts and emails between their former flame and Marcelino, as well as seeing him visit adult websites. These revelations pushed Brittany over the edge, leading her to confront Marcelino immediately.

Brittany shared an Instagram video in which she can be seen crying while speaking to Marcelino, and laments how he does not care for either themselves or their son, or know how to play with them. Although she doesn’t wish for their marriage to be renewed, Brittany may give Marcelino another chance if he puts more effort into their home life.

On the next episode of Love After Lockup, Brittany once more raises concerns regarding her husband’s behavior. She claims he spends too much of his free time with their ex-partner instead of with her, making her feel second class citizen status and unaccepted in their relationship. Brittany suggests moving out of Florida so their problems can be dealt with more peacefully.

Love After Lockup returns Friday at 9 p.m. EST on Wetv! Tune in to find out if Brittany and Marcelino can reconcile their differences and experience an explosive season finale – don’t miss it – be sure to visit Soap Dirt regularly for all things Love After Lockup!

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