Love After Lockup Caitlin And Matt

Love After Lockup – Caitlin and Matt Are Still Together

Love After Lockup is a hit reality show about couples who meet while one partner is serving time in prison and then attempt to make things work outside. Though popular among viewers and its ratings remain high, sustaining these relationships after the cameras stop rolling may prove challenging for these couples.

We can help you identify which Love After Lockup couples remain together after the show has concluded, with all of the latest information on who’s single, divorced and getting married.

Caitlin and Matt

From season two of Love After Lockup, Caitlin Gainer and Matt Fraiser seemed set for a fairy tale ending. After meeting via pen pal and falling in love in prison.

Even though Gainer had managed to coax her mother back into their fold and move in together with them, soon afterwards it became evident that Fraiser was an unstable individual with a long history of drug use that refused to change his ways.

Public records demonstrate that he has been arrested multiple times for domestic violence, meth possession and driving with expired tags – charges which predate his appearance on Love After Lockup franchise. Furthermore, he is separated from his previous marriage but does not have custody over their son.

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