Louis Vuitton Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse by Louis Vuitton

Minnie mouse has long been a go-to symbol for designers and this latest offering from Louis Vuitton didn’t disappoint. Not only was the collection an overwhelming success, but Marc Jacobs, the label’s creative director, also put some creative twists on it to ensure success.

This collaboration was unique in that it required the production of every component by hand. This is the first time the house has devoted an entire team solely to making one product, showing their dedication to their design process.

From LV’s collection, we were most taken by the rubber spheres featured in a cherry-red polka-dot pencil skirt and 3-D floral printed neoprene suits. While their signature mini handbags were on show, it was the tiniest sphere that really left us scratching our heads.

One of the most notable things we learned from this show was how much fun we had. It had some of the cutest lines ever, which should please those who enjoy a good laugh. Furthermore, it was one of the most technically intricate collections we’ve seen to date — making it all the more impressive for its creators.

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