Lost At Sea 80s Beach Party

Top 5 80s Beach Party Songs to Play at Your Beach Party

There’s nothing quite as relaxing and rejuvenating as spending a day at the beach with toes in the sand and a cold beverage in hand. This song by Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello from the 1960s captures that perfect feeling perfectly – soft yet airy yet nostalgic at the same time!

Sister Sledge’s 1979 hit We Are Family is an energetic tune to start your beach party off right, perfect for getting everyone bouncing! With powerful vocals that bring together an entire crowd and feel-good lyrics that unite everyone at their beach party.

Styx’s 1973 single Summer Lovin’ is an excellent selection for any beach themed party playlist. This song celebrates sun and fun in equal measures – making it the ideal soundtrack. Plus, its catchy rock tune will get your guests dancing even when they may not actually be at the shore!

Jimmy Buffett is known as the king of resort rock and his songs set the perfect atmosphere for celebration at any beach party or barbecue. “Beverly Hills”, from 1977, can help set that same laid-back mood at your own gathering! Play this track at your beach party to get everyone in party mode!

DNCE’s version of Kokomo is an engaging tropical tune that will transport partygoers to a beach vacation. Capturing perfectly the motion of bobbing up and down in an ocean wave, DNCE’s song captures it perfectly as one of this decade’s catchiest and sing-along tracks. For optimal listening experience before downloading their version with Joe Jonas as co-vocalist.

This classic 1970s beach music song should be played at any beach party – whether for a birthday celebration or bachelorette bash – especially if the occasion calls for it. This romantic and upbeat tune reminds listeners to take time and enjoy themselves and life more fully.

As the sun goes down and your beach party comes to a close, nothing beats Elton John’s classic song to send guests dancing into their final few moments under the stars. Not to mention its humorous history regarding mistranslation by Swedish producers of their band! But that is for another day.

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