Lost A Bit Of Weight Since Christmas

How to Lose Weight After Christmas

Most people anticipate gaining weight over Christmas, yet studies show they typically only put on two kilograms on average and often find they lose any excess after. That doesn’t mean avoiding indulgent Christmas activities altogether though – being prepared can make this season of feasting much simpler! Here are a few strategies to help.

As important to keep in mind is the fact that one day of overeating does not usually lead to significant weight gain; our metabolisms usually adjust themselves over multiple days and account for extra calories consumed as we store water and food as a result of feasting. But it may cause discomfort after such binges – perhaps because extra water stores in your body as a result.

For best results, it is wise to drink plenty of water and limit processed and high salt foods, and opt for more vegetables and lean proteins in your diet in order to regulate blood sugar levels while cutting back on added sugar intake while trying to increase exercise routines.

An important thing to keep in mind when losing weight after Christmas holidays is that most of us tend to shed mostly water weight rather than body fat. Our bodies retain excess sodium through party foods that cause us to retain water as salt or fluid retention. If you’re concerned that too much of that water weight has been shed off too quickly, try not relying on scales but instead using fit of your jeans and feeling of how well you are as an indicator.

Dietitian Shapiro suggests making small changes that will lead to greater results, like drinking more water and eating fruits and vegetables with plenty of fiber to keep hunger at bay. Furthermore, she advises getting enough sleep as this will decrease hunger during the day and consequently the chances of overeating.

As for snacks, she suggests swapping your typical box of chocolates for an unsalted and unshelled bag of unsalted and unshelled pistachios due to their harder texture that forces you to chew more slowly – helping slow down eating while prompting more mindful consumption of what goes into your mouth.

She suggests that slimmers should try limiting their intake of hot chocolate, which contains “hard-to-burn” calories, and adding lemon juice to their water in the morning as this will help speed up their metabolism. By following these simple strategies you may be able to avoid an increase in weight during Christmas – and perhaps even lose some!

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