Lori Mckenna Christmas Is Right Here

Lori McKenna: Christmas Is Right Here

Lori McKenna, a Nashville-based songwriter, is one of the most talented and beloved figures in music. She’s won multiple awards including three Grammys and been recognized as a songwriter of the year by both CMA and ACMA. Additionally, Lori’s written songs for numerous country artists including Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Little Big Town, Tim McGraw and many more.

Christmas is on its way

With Christmas just around the corner, many artists have released festive projects. Cody Johnson’s first Christmas album and collaborative holiday projects from Brett Young and Lori McKenna stand among them.

Lori McKenna: Christmas Is Here

The award-winning country songwriter has released her first holiday EP. It’s filled with her poignant, evocative originals, joined by Luke Laird, Barry Dean, Hillary Lindsey and Liz Rose on this release.

She kicks off the EP with a cover of the classic holiday tune “Wonderful Christmastime”, filled with folk and singer-songwriter influences. It’s an enchanting, bittersweet track that sets the scene for what comes next on the album.

Her voice is a breath of fresh air on this song, as she dips and soars with powerful and soulful vocals. The wistful tune is full of lyrical imagery that will make you reflect on the people, places, and moments in your life that have had an impact.

On her second track, “It’s Christmas Without Crying,” she delves deeply into nostalgia of the season. She sings about spending holidays with her mother and capturing those memories in her mind. Additionally, she talks about letting go of the past as well as thanking her parents for shaping who she is today.

The song serves as a poignant reminder that the holiday season doesn’t have to be all sadness and melancholy. She acknowledges it can be an trying time for everyone, but believes it’s essential to remember and cherish the good aspects of these special occasions – like spending time with loved ones – during this special time.

She has an uncanny ability to capture the bittersweet moments that make holidays so special, and this song showcases her skill beautifully. This well-crafted piece of writing will resonate with anyone who has ever felt those same mixed emotions at this time of year.

On this album, she successfully captures the emotions associated with this time of year and these songs will surely leave you feeling all your favorite sensations in no time. Whether it’s a song to listen to while catching up with friends or one that gives you strength during holiday hustle and bustle, these tunes are guaranteed to help bring peace this season.

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