Little Caesars Pizza New Iberia Menu

Little Caesars Pizza – New Iberia Menu

A visit to the Little Caesars flagship store on the corner of bourbon and bell is a must for any fan of the golden state. While the brand has been around since the early 1960s, its Iberia location is new and the only branch in the city. The place is a veritable gold mine of tasty treats, and the staff is arguably the best in the biz. Its got a nice selection of microbrews, as well. This has helped make it a popular hangout amongst locals, but the pricey locale can get a little rowdy in the evening. Luckily, the new digs are only a few blocks from the city center and the plethora of bars and restaurants that line the street. Luckily for the octonauts, the company has an unblemished record of quality food and service, and has not a single bad apple in sight. Considering that it is only two miles from downtown, the commute is a breeze.

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