Lenny Von Dohlen Net Worth

Lenny Von Dohlen Net Worth – Wiki and Bio

Lenny Von Dohlen Net Worth, Wiki and Bio:

Acclaimed actor and film director Lenny Von Dohlen has become widely renowned for his roles as Miles Harding in Electric Dreams and Harold Smith on Twin Peaks – as well as making an impression in Home Alone 3 and Jennifer 8.

Lenny Dohlen: Acclaimed actor and playwright Lenny Von Dohlen was born on 22 December 1958 in Augusta, Georgia to German and Dutch parents respectively. As such he holds dual nationality citizenship in his American homeland.

He was raised in Goliad, Texas – a small town located in southern Texas – before attending and graduating from Loretto Heights College in Denver.

His career started off with an appearance on Kent State, followed by his first feature film appearance as Miles Harding in 1984’s Electric Dreams comedy film. For this performance he received widespread acclaim and critical acclaim.

After his success on Picket Fences, he went on to appear in various television series like Chicago Hope, The Lazarus Man and Psych. However, his most notable role came as one of the characters from Mark Frost’s 1990 TV show Twin Peaks which broadcast on ABC.

As well as acting, he was also an accomplished horse racer and owned his own racing track in Goliad. Additionally, he served on the advisory boards of Texas State Technical Institute and Bee County College.

He is an ex-husband and father to one daughter. In 2007, he married fashion model Marina Drujko and shared a daughter together before divorcing later that year; there have been no reports that he has remarried since.

Lenny Dohlen Net Worth:

As a leading actor, Lenny Von Dohlen earned an estimated net worth between $2 and $4 Million through his film and television appearances.

Boxoffice Mojo reported his total earnings as between $2.5 Million to $4 Million by 2019. These roles were compensated according to their boxoffice performance.

His net worth has steadily been growing over time thanks to his acting success and future projects are expected to generate additional revenues.

He is currently unmarried and prefers focusing on his work rather than looking for love.

Dohlen was intimate with James Still for many years and often appeared together. Together they developed their romance.

He and James were dating long-term and were very active on social media, sharing pictures with each other regularly.

After their relationship ended, neither party ever dated again due to being too preoccupied with work to look for someone new.

Lenny Dohlen, who turns 61 in 2019, is currently single and not in any romantic relationships. Previously married to Marina Drujko until they parted ways in 2007, Lenny has not been romantically involved since 2007.

Recent reports indicate that Von Dohlen may have been dating actress Amber Lee. They were seen together several times and she is reported as being extremely beautiful.

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