Lenny Bought A Motorcycle

Lenny Kravitz Bought a Motorcycle For His Birthday

Lenny Kravitz of Manhattan-born singer-songwriter fame is an eccentric individual who owns multiple motorcycles, as evidenced by sharing a picture with Roxy and daughter Zoe riding one on Zoe’s birthday on August 1. Other prominent bikers include Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd who bought his first Harley at 19 and hasn’t stopped riding ever since, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has even used his chopper while drumming for Nirvana).

This month’s customer build showcases a 1978 Kawasaki 1000 that Z1 Enterprises owner and shop manager Lenny Fensom restored himself. Among other modifications, it features a Wiseco 1045cc big-bore kit, new valve springs, rebuilt heads, custom exhaust, all finished off in its signature shade of green.

Lenny customized the bike by painting and upholstering with Kawasaki’s trademark colors, powder coating it for maximum luster, refinishing the frame to complement it and adding custom wheels and tailpiece to complete its appearance.

Check out more motorcycles owned by Lenny on his Instagram feed! He has been extremely supportive of Jason Momoa’s upcoming role as Batman, even sharing tattoos!

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