Lena Young Raising Our Youngs

Raising Our Youngs – How a Stay-at-Home Mom Manages to Rake Her Brood to the Grocery Store in Just Three Years

Parents understand the difficulty of raising multiple children is no small undertaking. Yet one mother of nine children, all under three years of age, is doing an extraordinary job at managing her life and keeping up with each of them! Her stay-at-home mom videos on YouTube show how she takes all nine to the grocery store at once – it will amaze you at how she does it!

Maxine Young and Jake have always dreamed of starting a big family, yet never expected that in three short years their dream has become reality! Now with an adopted set of four siblings (Aiden, Parker, Connor and Elliott), as well as biological quadruplets Theo Silas Beck Cecilia they have documented their journey of parenthood on YouTube channel called The Family Young VLogs which quickly garnered supportive viewers like one writing: “I love watching your vlogs & I am so happy for all your blessings & hope you continue being happy.”

The Youngs also documented Maxine’s difficult pregnancy. At 21 weeks along, her cervix began shortening and she needed to travel from Pennsylvania to Phoenix in order to see an expert. Once there was an effective C-section and both Cecilia and Beck had been discharged from their respective NICUs, each was slowly discharged until Beck was finally delivered of his newborn brother or sister.

While some were happy for the Youngs, others expressed displeasure with them for having nine children when the world is already overpopulated. Critics pointed out that raising nine kids wouldn’t come cheap and warned them of potential medical bills they should expect when raising nine kids.

No matter what people thought of the Youngs, they certainly made no secret of their affection for their wife and mother-of-nine, Josie. A recent video posted to their YouTube channel featured all members of their family gathering to celebrate Aiden’s birthday party.

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