Leah Shafer Net Worth

Leah Shafer Net Worth

Leah Shafer is an American singer-actress with a net worth of $900,000 US dollars. This wealth was generated through her singing career and appearances on various TV shows; furthermore, Leah owns both a beauty clinic and boutique.

Leah began her singing career at an early age and quickly achieved success after winning Destination Stardom talent show. This exposure gave her plenty of exposure in the industry, helping her establish a name for herself in the industry.

She then ventured into retail and beauty industries while also pursing her music career. She featured in school and college musical theater productions, even writing some of her own songs!

In 1999, she won ION Television’s Destination Stardom contest and gained notoriety within the entertainment industry. As a result, she began performing at churches, women’s conferences, as well as inspiring events across America.

Celebrity singer, she boasts an extensive fan base online. Her Instagram account boasts over 200,000 followers and YouTube channel boasts over 500,000 subscribers.

Her fans adore her quirky sense of humor, stunning vocals and breathtaking performances onstage. Additionally, they admire her upbeat outlook and ability to help others overcome adversity.

She is renowned as the “Good Luck Charm” for the Denver Broncos and has performed the national anthem before each game. Additionally, she has earned numerous accolades, including a Grammy award.

Gospel singer and actress Shea Henderson is renowned for her incredible voice, which she showcases in performances at religious events as well as on YouTube videos. Additionally, she has appeared on countless TV shows and radio stations around the country.

Leah has a daughter with her former husband Ross Shafer named Lauren Rae (Lolo). They adopted the child in 2006 and it will turn 13 before 2021.

As of 2019, she is currently dating Captain Sandy Yawn, star of the TV series Below Deck Mediterranean. They met through Facebook and later moved to Denver from Los Angeles so they could be together.

According to reports, their first official meeting took place in November 2018. Furthermore, they are working on a music collaboration. Both parties appear contented with one another and have confirmed their relationship.

Leah Shafer is an American singer-actress and stylist with a net worth of $900,000. She has worked in the entertainment industry for years and earned six Emmy Awards as a network talk and game show host; as well as being a stylist, singer, and recording artist.

She is also co-owner of a skincare clinic in Lone Tree, Colorado with two other aestheticians working there. Apparently, their clients have been very pleased with the results!

She began her musical education at a public high school in Orange County before attending college at Northridge University. From an early age, her passion for music blossomed as she featured in both school and college productions as well as competing in talent shows and songwriter competitions.

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