Latasha Wilson Batch

Latasha Wilson-Batch

Latasha Wilson-Batch is the Executive Director of Best of the Batch Foundation and serves as a member of the Strong Women, Strong Girls Regional Board. Her vision for the organization is to empower youth and make them active participants in their education. Her leadership has helped expand the organization to serve over 3,300 children each year. Her passion for helping children in underserved areas has led to her leadership making this dream a reality.

Latasha Wilson–Batch received her BS and BA degrees from Johnson C. Smith University. She then earned her MS in human developmental and sports from the University of Tennessee. She also earned a master’s in professional counseling from Carlow University. She is also the Executive Director of the Best of the Batch Foundation and a member of the board of SWSG Pittsburgh. She is the daughter to a former NFL player, and is passionate about children and sports.

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