Lana Del Rey Costume Ideas

Lana Del Rey Costume Ideas For Last Minute Halloween Costumes

If you’re looking to take your Halloween costume game to the next level, Lana Del Rey is your go-to artist. From girl next door to renegade cowgirl, Del Rey’s aesthetic embodies bold iconography and classic Hollywood archetypes with an undertone of nostalgia that makes her creations perfect last-minute costume ideas.

Dress like the ’60s princess in “National Anthem.”

One of Lana Del Rey’s most iconic music videos from Born to Die, the video for “National Anthem” shows her in an elegant 1960s ensemble. She plays Jackie Kennedy to A$AP Rocky’s JFK in this classic royal princess role that perfectly encapsulates her passion for nostalgia and the era in which she was raised.

You can easily recreate this look using a pair of blue jeans and t-shirt that nods to 1960s culture (I’ve even seen parody beer shirts that look just like hers!). Finally, don some white heeled boots for an ensemble that’s ready for some serious walking around town!

Add extra flair to your outfit by decorating your hair or wig with white flower clips. This will give off a more feminine vibe and make you appear like a beauty queen.

Don a light pink cashmere sweater to channel Lana Del Rey’s 1960s beauty queen look. Complete your ensemble by adding some dangling earrings for an opulent and sophisticated aesthetic that would fit perfectly in the ’60s era.

Finally, don’t forget to accessorize with long, dark brown hair to complete the innocent and natural appearance of a 1960s beauty queen. A dark brown wig can help you achieve this look and it’s the ideal finishing touch to complete your costume.

Lana Del Rey’s iconic Mal-Aimee dress from a 2012 French festival is another iconic costume. This simple vintage ensemble features pleats and embroidery to replicate Lana wearing this signature look to Eurockeennes de Belfort in 2012 – the album which launched her career as a pop princess. If you’re feeling extra daring, complete this look by adding a lace headband!

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