Lamar Odom And Rob Dyrdek Restaurant

Lamar Odom and Rob Dyrdek Restaurant

Watch Lamar Odom and Rob Dyrdek Restaurant to experience celebrity sightings, family adventures and jaw-dropping stunts all rolled into one package! In the series premiere, Rob works hard filling his warehouse before inviting NBA basketball player Lamar Odom over for a one-on-one basketball matchup. Additionally, DC throws him a massive shoe release party where Rob meets rally car racer Ken Block who allows him to jump his custom-built miniature rally car.

Rob takes matters into his own hands when his mom, Patty, suffers an ankle fracture. With Drama’s help in order to overcome Patty’s suspicions about whether or not Rob can actually be considered funny; Rob then visits Kettering’s Funny Bone comedy stage as proof.

After meeting up with The Athiarchists – a traveling death metal kill pop band, and their own musicians Aaron & Dano from Nitro Circus – Rob decides to take his musical skills a step further by creating The Bleeding Frogs; their first ever live concert takes place at their local skate park.

Rob gives his mother, Patty, the Hollywood treatment by casting her in an outrageous commercial for a credit card company he has invested in. Meanwhile, Big Cat and Rob get into the act by donning red wigs to explore their inner gingers for the day. Later they get an opportunity to tow-in surf with legendary surfer Laird Hamilton before meeting John Mayer for a night on the town where Rob and Drama must strive to class up their acts for their mothers’ sakes.

MTV takes an intimate look at Rob Dyrdek’s journey, from childhood dreams to reality, with this special episode. Featuring archived and never before seen footage from Rob & Big, Fantasy Factory, and DC Video this is the story of how one young man made them come true.

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