La Joya Teacher Arrested

La Joya ISD Teacher Arrested

The name Diana Trevino-Montelongo may not ring a bell, but the woman is not the first person that comes to mind when you ask for a name of a teacher in the La Joya Independent School District. She’s been there since April, and her accolades include being the district’s Campus Teacher of the Year in 2009. Her official bio states that she was the top-selling teacher in the state and was awarded a merit scholarship by the Texas Legislature. Unfortunately, she was not available for an interview.

She is not the only notable figure in the La Joya ISD, as her brother-in-law, Ricardo Garza, was arrested for a similar charge last month. According to the District’s web site, the most egregious act of omission was not attending to the needs of his young charges. While Garza is still in the hospital, a statement from the district stated, “The District has a great working relationship with the local police department.” A spokesman for the school confirmed that the teacher in question was not in attendance at the time of his arrest. Until last week, no one knew the teacher’s identity, nor how long she had been employed at the district.

As for the rest of the aforementioned, the La Joya ISD hasn’t released any information. However, the District did say that the incident was investigated by the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department. Although the Sheriff’s Office is investigating the matter, it’s not clear if the investigation is ongoing. In the meantime, the District is keeping the media at bay.

Another noteworthy item is that the district is undergoing a full audit of its books and records. The district is also considering making an award to the best teacher, a feat that hasn’t been accomplished in years. Several people familiar with the matter have questioned whether the district will be able to keep its promise.

One of the most interesting aspects of the case is the mystery of the child’s death. Whether or not he was intentionally left in the vehicle or had simply lost his way, is anybody’s guess. While it’s unlikely the child died from a fall or accident, a report from the National Weather Service noted that the weather was hot and humid on the day of the incident, with temperatures well into the triple digits.

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