Kylie Cheats On Travis

Rumors That Travis Scott is Cheating on Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has been in the spotlight lately due to her troubled relationship with Travis Scott. She often attends events and parties together and owns a home that belongs to the rapper.

Rumors of Scott cheating on her have been swirling online and on social media for the past week. These accusations began after Instagram model Rojean Kar shared a video of Scott filming a music video to her private Instagram Stories.

Jenner has promised to fight back against the rumors, which are spreading fast and have even reached her mother, Kris Jenner. According to reports, Kris reportedly reached out to her representatives regarding the matter.

Rumors about Travis cheating on Kylie stem from a video posted by Instagram model Rojean Kar showing her hanging out at Scott’s music video production set, according to The Shade Room. At first, Scott denied knowing the model and accused her of playing an active role in the drama.

However, when Kar’s followers reposted the video, it was evident she was on set. She captioned one of the videos “I’m directing obvi” alongside a winking emoji.

When asked about the video posted to his Instagram Story, Scott replied “I don’t know her.” He called her a “liar,” adding that her accusations are part of an ongoing cybergame and urged fans to stop spreading lies about him.

Rumors swirling about the model have only further fuelled the fire by claiming she spent Valentine’s Day with Scott this year. Posting a photo of them together on her IG account, she shared that they were “together this year.”

Kar has previously accused Scott of cheating. Prior to becoming engaged to Kylie in 2017, she had an intimate relationship with the rapper.

After their relationship ended, rumors of Scott cheating on Jenner with Rojean spread across social media. During this time period, the duo was seen together at various locations such as a ski resort and casino.

Scott has denied any cheating rumors and insists he remains madly in love with Kylie. They share two children: Stormi (4 years old) and an unknown 8-month old son whose name has yet to be revealed.

They are currently on tour as part of the AstroWorld tour, but sources indicate it’s unlikely they will cancel their shows due to rumors. Furthermore, the rapper is an excellent father and loves his children dearly.

Rumors suggesting a split between Jenner and Scott could prove disastrous for their relationship. Therefore, she’s likely to take a break from touring to stay with Scott in Los Angeles.

Days earlier, the rapper cancelled his show in Buffalo, New York to stay in Los Angeles and spend more time with Jenner. Reports last month claimed they had an intense phone argument.

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