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Teen Mom OG: Amber Portwood Takes Responsibility For Her Daughter’s Custody Issues

Amber Portwood has battled with a lot of different legal issues over the years, but she always managed to stay true to herself and her daughter Leah. However, recent episodes of Teen Mom OG have given fans a glimpse into how things aren’t going as well between the 30-year-old and her daughter.

In a recent episode, Portwood reacted to her daughter’s scathing words about her mother’s strained relationship with Kristina Shirley. It’s a pretty harsh accusation, especially considering the fact that Gary and Kristina have been a rock for Leah throughout her upbringing.

Despite all of the drama that has come between them in the past, it’s clear that Amber and Gary are still very close to each other. The two have been through a lot together and even share some quality time with their daughter when they can, but it’s still not an easy situation.

The tween girl’s recent comments about her mother’s treatment of her have left Portwood in an uproar, and it seems that she may be taking some responsibily for the situation herself.

She recently took to social media to share her thoughts on how the situation has been going. She started off by saying that she “loves” her daughter and defended her decision to have custody of her — but then, it quickly became apparent that she was taking a lot of heat from both Amber’s ex-boyfriend, Gary, and his wife, Kristina.

Kristina and Gary’s relationship has always been difficult, but things have gotten worse in the last few months. On a recent episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, the couple revealed that they had been through a lengthy custody battle with Amber’s ex, Andrew Glennon.

A court ruled in July that Glennon was awarded full physical and legal custody of their son James. The move means that Glennon and his family will be moving from Indiana to California, and Portwood is not happy about it.

On Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Gary and Kristina shared their thoughts about the news, as well as how they’re feeling about it. They discussed how they’re going to work with Amber in the coming months and tried to figure out a way to help her through this difficult time.

While this may be a tough thing to watch, it’s clear that it’s a situation that needs to be addressed. Hopefully, this situation will end soon and Portwood will be able to enjoy her time with her daughter again.

The tween’s mom has also had some difficult times with her ex, including a series of arrests for domestic violence. Those have all led to a number of custody battles over the years, but Portwood has managed to keep a positive head on her shoulders and is a strong advocate for her tween’s welfare.

When you’re a teen mom, it’s hard to avoid a lot of drama and conflict. This can be especially true if you’re struggling with something like substance abuse or mental health issues.

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