Kristin Chenoweth Hilary Swank

One of the most fascinating relationships in showbusiness today is that between Hilary Swank, Kristin Chenoweth. Both actresses have been linked to a string of high-profile roles in films and television shows. Although their respective talents are radically different, they share many of the same characteristics. Here are four things you should know about them. First, let’s look at their backgrounds.

Hilary Swank has appeared in over a dozen films and TV series, so she is not new to star roles. The actress is friends with the star of the musical Wicked. Mariska Hargitay is Swank’s friend. Jewel is a multi-platinum singer and activist. She is also a renowned actress, having won the Masked Singer competition.

Hilary Swank was born in Nebraska. Her maternal grandmother is Mexican and her parents are traveling salesmen. Hilary has English, Scottish, and German roots. She attended school in Bellingham, WA, and competed in gymnastics and swimming. She moved to Bellingham, Washington when she was six. Her parents had three children, and they all attended the same school.

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