Kirsten Dunst Pixie Cut

Kirsten Dunst Pixie Cut

Kirsten Dunst’s career has taken her from child-star roles to adult ones. By keeping a low profile and avoiding tabloid press attention, she’s been able to carve out an impressive path for herself in terms of landing some iconic roles in some classic movies from the last four decades.

The Virgin Suicides

In Sofia Coppola’s Lux Lisbon, Dunst was one of cinema’s most captivating characters even when she was kept at a distance by Coppola. But her character never felt hollow or lacking interiority; Dunst perfectly captured that teenage girl enigma and captured it perfectly in this Sofia Coppola film. She never failed to captivate viewers as much as you drew from her.

Get Over It

In Barry Levinson’s political satire “Get Over It,” Dunst had the chance to showcase her comedic skills without any cynicism and thus began her career path of providing audiences with joyful laughter. Her Southern accent, lack of interest in participating in a sex scandal (her husband was played by Jesse Plemons) made her an ideal candidate for this role.


In her starring role in this 2005 romantic comedy, Orlando Bloom’s morose corporate office also-ran is cheered up by Dunst’s cheerful flight attendant character. With this role, Dunst created a pop culture cliche: the manic pixie dream girl.

This pixie cut is ideal for women with oval faces, especially when styled in an asymmetrical fashion. The long side-swept fringes and oblique layers at the ends help create an elegant look that will complement oval face shapes perfectly!

This hairstyle requires minimal upkeep. The only tricky part will be keeping the strands in place, but that can easily be accomplished with a few quick blow-dries.

Blonde Short Bob with Bangs

Carey Mulligan’s blonde pixie cut is one of the best! Her chin-length style features soft layers and an asymmetrical half-fringe, giving off a balanced facial shape. Plus, her platinum blonde highlights add a super feminine touch!

Toni Braxton’s iconic pixie haircut with baby bangs was one of the most beloved short hairstyles during the ’90s. It was effortless chic and stylish – ideal for anyone just stepping out of bed in style!

Keira Knightley’s classic pixie haircut with long layered bangs was the ideal option for women looking for an easy to manage and maintain hairstyle. Not only was this hairstyle classic and achievable, but it would look perfect no matter the special occasion!

She’s got a fun pixie cut for the premiere of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!

Pixie cuts offer so many different styles and looks that can be achieved. This hairstyle looks great with many different dresses, making them incredibly versatile for women who want to make the most of their short tresses!

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