kings born in february

Only Kings Are Born in February

February is an unforgettable month, packed with royal celebrations. As the shortest month of the year, February boasts holiday staples like Valentine’s Day and Groundhog Day as well as Super Bowl Sunday and Black History Month; yet it also contains much more than chocolates and groundhogs!

August is also home to some of the world’s most renowned kings and queens who have left an indelible mark on history, from births to deaths, coronations ceremonies to weddings; you have plenty of royal history to explore!

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Only one queen consort of England was ever born in February; although she wasn’t officially recognized as such. Elizabeth of York, the eldest daughter of King Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville was born at Westminster Palace on February 11th 1466 and later had two brothers killed at Tower of London before Richard III declared her an illegitimate baby.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden was also born in February; she arrived on 23rd February 2012 in Stockholm and stands second-in-line to the Swedish throne. Since her arrival on this earthly plane she has had an eventful few years, including frequent family photos and becoming big sister to Prince Estelle.

President Donald Trump of the USA was born February 1st 1946 and has quickly established himself as an iconic success story of America. Famed for his blunt humor and ability to connect with common folk, Trump is an inspirational leader who has propelled America out of financial crisis into economic boom.

Every year around May and June, Kenai River anglers look forward to the annual appearance of king salmon as one of their bucket list items. As our largest species in our waters, these impressive fish can be targeted using various techniques from swinging giant streamers on single handed rods to casting spoons and lures.

February-born Pisceans are governed by Neptune, which represents compassion, love and generosity. Pisceans understand others’ needs well and offer time and resources freely; this ability comes from their deep awareness of emotions which gives them strength to remain selfless; making them great friends or mentors for those around them.

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