Kimberly Burrell Ppp Loan

What Was Kim Burrell’s Take on the PPP Loan?

The award winning gospel singer Kim Burrell sparked some interest by asking a few off the cuff questions about the churchgoers’ living situation and finances. But one question on many people’s minds was, what was Kim Burrell’s take on the PPP loan, and what did she say about it?

While Burrell did not go into too much detail about her PPP loan, she did mention her company’s “Paycheck Protection Program” – which sounds suspiciously like a mortgage. She also mentioned that the small business loan she was awarded was the most lucrative of its kind in her area. However, she did not mention whether she has received any PPP loans, or if she has been the recipient of any other types of business loans.

There has been a lot of social media chatter about the performance of the award winning singer. While she has made no secret of her desire for a book deal, her fans have responded with both enthusiasm and ire, especially after her performance at the Kingdom City Church Conference in Atlanta. Some have even called her a troll. This is in part due to the fact that Burrell has always been a poor image for Christians.

The gospel singer has not been shy about expressing her disdain for the mainstream religious agnostic crowd, and it’s not hard to see why. In fact, some of her most abrasive comments were said during the same sermon in which she espoused her belief that she was perverted by a gay man. Despite this, her church is not exactly an unsafe place. As such, Burrell’s rant was largely unwelcome. After the incident, she was banned from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Other criticisms have included the unfortunate implication that she is a homophobic bully.

As you can tell from the aforementioned tweet, the church has some very sensitive members. On the one hand, the award winning gospel singer’s tweet was a slap in the face for the congregation. During her time at the kingdom, Burrell had no problem taking jabs at her fellow congregants, and in her opinion, the most important part of her message is that “we are all just human.” Regardless, her comments have sparked a bit of a stir, and the aforementioned twitter has not been the only source of ire.

While Kim Burrell’s speech at the Kingdom City Church was not the most exciting thing to watch, she did make some notable comments. Her sexy remarks about being able to handle her finances in a church context were a little unorthodox, and it appears she is getting some guidance from her pastor. At the very least, her comments are a harbinger of things to come for the hunk.

Despite her abrasive comments, Burrell remains a firm believer in the power of her calling. And she is sticking to her guns, despite having been tagged in a few tweets. If she wants to, she can still make the best of her situation.

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